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Depending on your printer model, type of ink and rip software you use, you'll need to select and install a specific ICC profile.

Download your profile

We use the Avery Dennison MPI 2000 ICC Colour Profile with some other minor adjustments to be made in your rip software.

Search for your specific profile here

Install your profile

Use your rip software to install the specific profiles into your system. We've linked some instructions for some of the more popular software systems:

Mimaki Rasterlink 5 and 6

Roland VersaWorks

Onyx Rip

Configuring the profile

In your rip software, configure the profile to the following settings.

Colour Profile: Avery MPI2000 V3
Resolution – 720 X 1080
Pass- Choose your desired pass rate

Printer Heat Settings:
Pre Heat – 40 Degrees
Print Heat – 40 Degrees
Post Heat – 40 Degrees